What's my story

I'm originally from sunny Greece and I have been based in London since 2012. I'm currently working at a legal tech start-up as a UX/UI design intern, focusing on a document and workflow automation web app and I have a background as an interior architect.

As a result of my roles in UX/UI design and interior architecture, I know how to curate great user experiences for either digital or physical environments and how to communicate my ideas to different groups effectively. I enjoy every phase of the creative process, from brainstorming with my team to solving complex problems that help the users, and I am always willing to expand my knowledge by taking more courses and having conversations with experienced professionals.  

My studies have been self-directed, through online courses, podcasts and seminars, and I have been named among the top 1% UX course performers at the Interaction Design Foundation. 

Outside of work, I enjoy playing volleyball with my team and taking part in tournaments around London. I love solving problems and always get a tease from friends when I try to bring them to yet another escape room.